The best songs by Miley Cyrus to recover for your playlist, including his “nightmare” Wrecking Ball

There, ready on the launch pad for 2019 , it seems that there is the new album of Miley Cyrus of which still do not have many details, but that seems a good hope after his words to 99.7 Now “I have no precise dates to give you , but surely during the new year you will listen to a lot more music and you will have a lot more music to play “. When there is good news in the air, you immediately want to hunt for the best songs (by Miley Cyrus) , or the artist in general, of course. We are here for this: we’ll give you a little bit of history of what could be on the horizon and make a small summary of Miley Cyrus’ career through his songs to score.

Let’s start from the near future. What could be the new work has been anticipated by the single Nothing Breaks Like A Heart to which he collaborated Mark Ronson, the same who appeared at his side and that of Sean Lennon for the Christmas song 2018, (Happy Xmas) War Is Over .From this last “note” in music we can start to say that the past year for Miley Cyrus has been full of emotions and the marriage with Liam Hemsworth has been the happy peak, at least in private life. In the working one, Miley reiterated several times to be back in the studio after Younger Now , released in 2017 and with Malibu in the tracklist. On the cover of the single, just to unite the public with the private, there was her with the ring of Liam on the finger . Let’s be clear, we can not help but put these customary details: we love them and on the topic we have developed a certain dependence. But let’s move on.

To kill the wait until the new album (which we really hope will arrive), here we have collected his most famous songs to be included in the playlist . We started with Wrecking Ball , the single released in 2013 that had made a net change for Miley Cyrus. The star came out of the Disney forge and had found success in the character of Hanna Montana, but from that moment things would change and for the pop star made in Tennessee the slope of fame was all on the rise. The video at the time had made a lot of noise and had categorized as the ” bad girl ” super sexy ready to lick the hammer that was on his way. Ok, some sensitive soul had shouted at the scandal, but actually in theWrecking Ball’s text was about a relationship that ended badly. From there the story of the demolition. Ok? Over the years the song has totaled more than 950 million views on Youtube and has created iconic still images for everyone. For Miley Cyrus, however, there was that negative side of the “bad girl”.

The frame of her that swings on a wrecking ball has haunted her for some time and was the reason for a new twist. In an interview given to the Zach Sag Show a few years after the launch of that single , he had declared “There are things that remain, swinging naked on a wrecking ball is something that will follow me forever”, with the tone of those who would not have never done it and you almost feel like denying it, even if in the end it represented an important moment of change in your career. To joke, he also added, ” My worst nightmare is that they play it at my funeral.”

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