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After a year of anxious waiting, the Sanremo Festival returns. The 2019 edition of the event in honor of Italian music, directed for the second consecutive year by Claudio Baglioni, is scheduled from February 5th to 9th. The event is broadcast live from the Ariston theater on Rai 1, in prime time.

Along with Baglioni on stage are Claudio Bisio and Virginia Raffaele .

The Sanremo Festival, which comes this year to issue number 69, is by far the most important musical event in our country. But it is also one of the most talked-about: millions and millions of spectators are literally glued to the screens to enjoy the songs in the competition, discuss the looks of guests and hosts, and discuss the hopes of individual artists in a radio key.

News (and inevitable polemics) that follow in the week of Sanremo and continue for days and days, helping to make the Festival one of the most popular events by Italian families.

Sanremo 2019 | Last news
UPDATE JANUARY 17, 2019 – Sanremo, how much the tenants earn: the compensation of Baglioni, Bisio and Raffaele – Claudio Baglioni for the Festival of Sanremo 2019 will earn 700 thousand euro. Claudio Bisio 450 thousand euros. Virginia Raffaele 350 thousand euros. It is Corriere della Sera to confirm the rumors. But being precontratti there are those who, in Rai, pushes to lower the fees at least two comedians. Here the details.

UPDATE 15 JANUARY 2019 – Minister Fontana: “Sorry for the exclusion from Sanremo 2019 di Caramelle” – Minister for the Family and Disabilities Lorenzo Fontana sided with Pier Davide Carone and Dear Jack, excluded with their song ” Candies “from the Festival of Sanremo 2019.” Sorry that a song like “Candy”, which speaks of the fight against pedophilia, has been excluded from Sanremo – the minister’s words in a tweet -. A very important topic, on which, among other things, we are already working: we have several projects in the pipeline with the Ministry of Education “.

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