Nick Cave, the playlist of the ‘hidden songs’: ‘I am my refuge’

In his three-year-old publication “The Sick Bag Song”, a collection of short stories, poems and song lyrics, Nick Cave had already deepened his love for Leonard Cohen’s music and the influence it had on him when, as a kid, he approached it. On that occasion, the voice of “The Weeping Song”he had hinted at his “hidden songs”: “Sometimes people ask me what those hidden songs were.

I never revealed them in full. Perhaps I feel a strange sense of ownership about them and unveiling them to the world could be a form of betrayal, “wrote the Australian musician on his website The Red Hand Files in response to fan requests to make a list of his musical preferences known. It is presenting her so that the leader of the Bad Seeds has given the world its list: “My hidden songs serve me as a form of refuge and have been for many years. These are songs that I can pull at me, as a child could pull the bed covers on his head, when the flames of the world become too intense. I can literally hide in them. These are the fundamental pillars that keep the structure of my artistic world in place “. Finally, he concludes Cave, before unveiling his Top 10: “There are hundreds of other favorite songs of course, and one day maybe I could make a list of some of them, but not today. Today, I give you hidden songs “. Here they are:

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“Avalanche”, Leonard Cohen

“Katie Cruel”, Karen Dalton

“On the Beach”, Neil Young

“Tupelo”, John Lee Hooker

“TB Sheets”, Van Morrison

“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”, Bob Dylan

“Plain Gold Ring”, Nina Simone

“Holocaust”, Big Star

“Becalmed”, Brian Eno

“One Fine Morning”, Bill Callahan

The Red Hand Files website refers to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”, part of the 1994 album “Let Love In”, and was created by the artist with the intention of allowing fans to ask him anything they want . His answer is an unpublished text, more or less short, more or less serious, which collects his reflections on merit.

Brian Eno

Leonard Cohe

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